Horse Cleaning Masters Of Shampoos™ Cleaning Products For Horse, Rider, Tack and Transport

Cleaning products for horse, rider, tack and transport. Our cleaning solutions are manufactured in the UK to bespoke formulas which have been designed to provide a deep cleaning action whilst still being safe for use in all applications.

The Horse cleaning product range includes horse shampoos, horse conditioner shampoos, mane and tail detangler, horse grooming accessories and horse grooming brushes.

The Rider cleaning product range includes equestrian hand washes and soon to be released clothing detergents.

The Tack cleaning product range includes tack odour remover, tack leather cleaner and tack leather armour.

The Transport cleaning range includes soon to be released cleaning solutions for all inside and outside horsebox/ horse trailer cleaning needs!

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Roberts & Anderson Equestrian
Roberts & Anderson Equestrian
Roberts & Anderson Equestrian
Roberts & Anderson Equestrian

First Time Here?

It can be confusing trying to understand which product to choose and why. Don’t worry! We got you covered by creating a kit that is perfect for equestrian grooms who are new to Horse Cleaning.

The Starter Kit is a perfect introduction for first-time customers who are new to the Horse Cleaning equestrian cleaning range. This kit has everything you need to wash a horse following exercise or getting ready for show preparation. From washing to conditioning coats and ensuring mane and tail hair remains free from tangles our equestrian cleaning products will ensure your horse(s) shine bright like the diamonds they are. This Starter Kit has you covered!

Perfect for the first time Horse Cleaning customers as well as purchasing as a gift set for a horse rider or horse groom.

Who We Are

We create products informed by you, our customers, our friends and global influences, creating an exciting experience that encompasses and celebrates everything it means to address the cleaning challenges faced by everyday equestrians. With fresh new cleaning products and accessories hitting our store quarterly, we’re fierce when it comes to product development. Our brand and the core values ensure we offer the best cleaning solutions from the everyday hacker to the international competing riders.

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Customer Results

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Equestrian Hand Washes

Horse Cleaning Instagram

What with the sunny weather recently ☀️ all of us at Horse Cleaning are all missing the county shows and grass arenas for sure 😢 The £8 for a smoothy not so much... 😝😂😂😂 ⁣⁣
Here is a little throwback to Sponsored Rider Vicky and Caspy taking the win in the 1m10 at Hertfordshire County Show⁣

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There is a lot of talk about new shampoo/soap bars for horses and dogs, with several accounts online making announcements for these new lines recently. ⁣

Are we going to launch soap bars? Simple answer no, not yet. We looked into pressed bars and mould poured soaps back in 2018, spent money on presses and several months of Research and Development. However, I was never happy with the results from them, nor was I satisfied with them having a consistent level of quality due to the nature of how these types of soaps are made. ⁣

Very similar to making cakes, at home, it's easy to make small batches but to take them to commercial scale which we would require is not so easy and one of the reasons why we have not moved forward with them at the current time. Until we can have a matching level of quality/consistency at a large scale, it would not be a product line to introduce to our customers.⁣

We want the same great results from our products time and time again, that's what you, our customers have come to expect from us and being open and honest we are not there yet... 😉⁣

Have others managed to pull it off, perhaps... Have they managed to scale to commercial volumes, possibly... We won't know for sure, time will tell, and we will see how the market responds over time 😎 ⁣

Will we review these again? Sure, we are working on them in the background as a side project, but for now, it is not the core focus for us at a commercial level. We are working on them 😁 but no ETA at the current time, not until I'm 100% satisfied and that could be a matter of weeks; it could be months or even a year or two, all I will say is that once I am happy and they pass my testing then they will be made available 👍

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I often get asked is Whitening Shampoo only for Greys? ⁣

The answer is no, it can be used in any light coat/ tail hair colour and white spots/markings like socks. It’s suitable where you need to remove stable stains and especially them brassy yellow tones that come from wet bedding/wee that horses may have slept in.⁣

It may take a couple of baths depending how bad the stain is and how long it’s been since the hair was last bathed but once used to tone down them yellow tones then I would recommend using one of our other shampoos for the ongoing maintenance baths such as our Apple or Orange shampoos keeping the Whitening Shampoo to focus on the difficult spots 😎

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Another great photo from @budgetequestrian using our Cherry Almond Shampoo, great shine as to be expected with our #equestrianshampoos⁣

This is what Lisa had to say:⁣

"Ok, not an entire body shot, but I just had to share a photo of Plezant's hind end 😂 This is his AFTER photo from using the @horsecleaning Cherry Almond Oil Shampoo. Can you see the shine??!?!?! And apparently, he has dapples! I didn't know that! ⁣

His coat is so soft, and shiny. After I gave him his bath, and was hand walking him to dry him out, I just couldn't stop petting him, he was sooooo soft! ⁠⁣

And this is just from giving him a bath. No shine sprays, nothing extra, just a bath with the Horse Cleaning Shampoo! Talk about impressive!⁠"⁣

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So Horse Cleaning has arrived in Colorado in the grand old USA 🇺🇸 at the end of last week! A new state for us and what a great milestone to achieve for Horse Cleaning. Through the power of social media, we have been able to reach so many individuals and little by little; we are expanding far beyond little old blighty.... 🇬🇧 With customers now in USA 🇺🇸 , Spain 🇪🇸 , Latvia 🇱🇻 , Sweden 🇸🇪 , Italy 🇮🇹 , Germany 🇩🇪 and France 🇫🇷 and that’s just some of the new locations that come to mind. ⁣⁣
Thank you to Lisa over at @budgetequestrian for positing her initial feedback, and we can wait for the video reviews 😎 This is what Lisa had to say:⁣⁣
"I am so excited, I was able to try out the Rhubarb shampoo, Cherry Almond oil shampoo, Mane and Tail shampoo along with the Mane and Tail detangler from @horsecleaning this weekend, and I am super impressed! The shampoos are very concentrated, a little bit goes a very long way, and the detangler is fantastic! I'm sold! I think my favourite so far is the Rhubarb shampoo, I love the way it smells! But then again, the Cherry Almond oil shampoo gives an incredible shine, so I guess I'm torn 😂🤣😂 They are both fantastic. And I have never seen such a shine on a mane as I was able to with the mane and tail shampoo! I guess I will just have to post a bunch of photos for you to see for yourself!⁠⁣⁣
I can honestly say I have never tried anything like these products, but I am so glad I found them. And they ship to the US, so bonus!⁠⁣⁣
I am putting together a video to show you how great these products work. I mean, seeing is believing right? And let me tell you, I'm a believer 😍😍😍⁠"⁣ ⁣

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Never far away from my cleaning products, even on a day off.... 😉😎⁣

Had a little break today from working to clear my head, get away from the hundreds of cardboard boxes in the warehouse and to get some fresh air and sun ☀️ ⁣

Whilst at the yard I gave a quick little clean on some tack and of course using over very own Leather Tack Cleaner and Leather Armour (two products I need to promote more of as they are such a great combination for cleaning tack super quickly when you don’t have the time for saddle soap). ⁣

Super quick and easy to use products, all you require is a nice brush to agitate the solution once sprayed on to the tack and let the product work it’s magic then after 1-2mins wipe off the dirt with a towel. ⁣

After cleaning then spray a nice amount of the Leather Armour over the tack and allow to air dry, once dry buff with a towel or ideally a microfibre towel and buff so that tack is then fully dry and it’s ready to be hung up for next time 😎⁣

#horsecleaning #mastersofshampoos #horsetack #tackcleaning #horseshampoos #horsegrooming

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I have had a handful of requests from people asking if they can purchase additional triggers and bottles that we use and today this is now possible⁣ 👍

I'm not expecting many sales on these items, however, for the individuals who have asked they are now available via the website to add to your orders or to purchase separately, likely suitable for our customers who purchase the shampoos vis the 5l and 25l containers for decanting 😉

While on the subject of triggers if you have not upgraded to our Pro Black and Gold trigger I highly recommend you do on your next purchase, it is the best spray trigger on the market! Super comfortable to hold in hand, finger-friendly trigger and adjustable spray pattern and super quiet, making these triggers ideal around young and nervous horses, great for mane and tail detanglers or fly spray 😎

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