36 Months – The Founders Journey

Horse Cleaning Founders Journey

36 Months – The Founders Journey

Welcome, it has been a journey these past 36 months that’s for sure! Back in 2016, I started developing equestrian cleaning products for horse, rider, tack and transport following requests from various friends to produce something that cleans with minimal effort.

Way back then what began as a hobby with trial and error helping friends who owned horses has manifested in countless hours of product development, countless hours at the stables and assisting at shows for a few of my equestrian friends.

My name is Sam Anderson, and I am the Founder of Horse Cleaning Ltd, a start-up company registered in England and Wales. These past 36 months, I have been developing a range of equestrian cleaning products with the help of my equestrian friends.

Together after countless formula samples, real-world testing at the stables/shows then refining until just right, we now have the Horse Cleaning range finalised for 2019!

The non-equestrian?

For those of you that may or may not know me personally, I’m not a ‘born equestrian’, far from it the only pets i had growing up was a goldfish and a couple of rabbits, horses did not feature at all in my childhood until i got to the age of visiting nightclubs and partying with friends oddly.

I used to visit a few local nightclubs as you do in your early 20’s and happened to meet a girl who turned out to be a showjumper. After a few weeks of seeing this girl at the local clubs, one night I dared to bring up a conversation, ‘courage’ being assistance from a few beers and shots no doubt… I don’t recall the full conversation (it was many years ago), however, I remember horses coming up at one point followed by a question of could ‘I ride a horse?’. Now being a young guy and being asked a challenging question, my natural response was ‘of course I can ride a horse…’. I could not, the only time I had been on a horse was when I was 5 or 6 years old at the local school being led up and down the field on a pony with a handler.

Lesson learned, don’t say you can ride a horse to an equestrian! They will invite you to the stables and then you need to prove that you can ride! So little did I know this encounter in a nightclub and well an alcohol supported conversation would end up with an introduction into the equestrian world and me ending up on a horse! After a few weeks we ended up dating for a while, and I quickly learned horses come first and it was either join in or see very little of said horsey girl…

My time with horses come to an end after a year or so dating a showjumper, I still kept in touch with the many equestrian friends I had made over them 12 or some months through dating a showjumper, however mostly my time was spent away from the equestrian world for a number of years.

Taking a break

Around 10 years later 2014 arrives, now I have a little website in which I sell bespoke car cleaning chemicals such as shampoos, wheel cleaners, wax/polish and air fresheners. It was late in 2014 when one of my friends asked if an odour remover product that I sold via the car cleaning website could be used on horse rugs?

After said friend tested this product, they loved the cleaning solution and asked if it could be adapted for use in the equestrian world? After some further refinements, i made a new version and a number of friends carried on testing the product. After a few more friends heard that i had an amazing odour cleaning product for use on rugs, hats, boots etc.. (news spreads quickly in the equestrian world) they started to ask if i could develop a shampoo for horses and so that began my reintroduction back into the equestrian world after a 10+ year break.

Welcome back Mr Anderson!

For the past 36 months, I have been working away refining and testing our cleaning product range, and now in 2019, we are ready for the equestrian market! We have created, modified and finally perfected a full range of horse cleaning shampoos and related equestrian cleaning products. It’s now July 2019, and we are ready for the equestrian world to see our full equestrian cleaning line up!

We are Horse Cleaning, Masters Of Shampoos! a Ltd company registered in England and Wales. Our social accounts are @horsecleaning and our website is www.horsecleaning.co.uk

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