About Us

Horse Cleaning is a bold and forward-thinking UK equestrian cleaning manufacturer founded by Sam Anderson. We create products informed by you, our customers, our friends and global influences, creating an exciting experience that encompasses and celebrates everything it means to address the cleaning challenges faced by everyday equestrians. With fresh new cleaning products and accessories hitting our store quarterly, we’re fierce when it comes to product development. Our brand and the core values ensure we offer the best cleaning solutions from the everyday hacker to the international competing riders.

How did it start?

Back in 2014, Sam used to sell bespoke car cleaning chemicals when one of his friends asked if an odour remover product could be used on horse rugs. After his friend tested an example product she loved the cleaning solution and asked if it could be adapted for use in the equestrian world? After some refinements, the odour remover was released to the equestrian world, shortly after the release another equestrian rider asked if we could produce a shampoo for horses and that was the start of Horse Cleaning.

We have a simple goal!

What we do

Horse Cleaning manufacture bespoke cleaning products for horseridertack and transport.
Our website www.horsecleaning.co.uk serves as our storefront and the base of eCommerce operations. On this website you can find some additional equestrian related products that we feel compliment our cleaning range, these items range from cleaning brushes, tack brushes, groom bags, merchandise etc..

As a UK manufacturer, our products can be purchased in bulk volumes of 5L, 10L, 25L, 100L+. Purchasing our products in bulk enables us to pass on savings to YOU, with a bulk purchase being a perfect purchase method for riding schools, livery yards, training/schooling yards and studs. Please contact us if you would like a quote for bulk order.

Group Buys
Group buys offer a time-based discount that can only be achieved if we sell the minimum order quantity also known as the “MOQ”. The MOQ has to be reached within the set time frame for us to be able to offer the discount. Group buys are advertised via our social channels from time to time so be sure to follow our social accounts.

* Minimum purchase volume applies, please contact us for more info

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