About Us

Horse Cleaning create products informed by you, our customers, our friends and global influences, creating an exciting experience that encompasses and celebrates everything it means to address the cleaning challenges faced by everyday equestrians. With fresh new cleaning products and accessories hitting our store quarterly, we’re fierce when it comes to product development. Our brand and the core values ensure we offer the best cleaning solutions from the everyday hacker to the international competing riders.

How did it start?

Back in 2014, Sam used to sell bespoke car cleaning chemicals when one of his friends asked if an odour remover product could be used on horse rugs. After his friend tested an example product she loved the cleaning solution and asked if it could be adapted for use in the equestrian world? After some refinements, the odour remover was released to the equestrian world, shortly after the release another equestrian rider asked if we could produce a shampoo for horses and that was the start of Horse Cleaning.

We have a simple goal!

What we do

Horse Cleaning create bespoke cleaning products for horseridertack and transport.
Our website www.horsecleaning.co.uk serves as our storefront and the base of eCommerce operations. On this website you can find some additional equestrian related products that we feel compliment our cleaning range, these items range from cleaning brushes, tack brushes, groom bags, merchandise etc..

Our products can be purchased in bulk volumes of 5L, 10L, 25L, 100L+. Purchasing our products in bulk enables us to pass on savings to YOU, with a bulk purchase being a perfect purchase method for riding schools, livery yards, training/schooling yards and studs. Please contact us if you would like a quote for bulk order.

Group Buys
Group buys offer a time-based discount that can only be achieved if we sell the minimum order quantity also known as the “MOQ”. The MOQ has to be reached within the set time frame for us to be able to offer the discount. Group buys are advertised via our social channels from time to time so be sure to follow our social accounts.

* Minimum purchase volume applies, please contact us for more info


Another great photo from @budgetequestrian using our Cherry Almond Shampoo, great shine as to be expected with our #equestrianshampoos⁣

This is what Lisa had to say:⁣

"Ok, not an entire body shot, but I just had to share a photo of Plezant's hind end 😂 This is his AFTER photo from using the @horsecleaning Cherry Almond Oil Shampoo. Can you see the shine??!?!?! And apparently, he has dapples! I didn't know that! ⁣

His coat is so soft, and shiny. After I gave him his bath, and was hand walking him to dry him out, I just couldn't stop petting him, he was sooooo soft! ⁠⁣

And this is just from giving him a bath. No shine sprays, nothing extra, just a bath with the Horse Cleaning Shampoo! Talk about impressive!⁠"⁣

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So Horse Cleaning has arrived in Colorado in the grand old USA 🇺🇸 at the end of last week! A new state for us and what a great milestone to achieve for Horse Cleaning. Through the power of social media, we have been able to reach so many individuals and little by little; we are expanding far beyond little old blighty.... 🇬🇧 With customers now in USA 🇺🇸 , Spain 🇪🇸 , Latvia 🇱🇻 , Sweden 🇸🇪 , Italy 🇮🇹 , Germany 🇩🇪 and France 🇫🇷 and that’s just some of the new locations that come to mind. ⁣⁣
Thank you to Lisa over at @budgetequestrian for positing her initial feedback, and we can wait for the video reviews 😎 This is what Lisa had to say:⁣⁣
"I am so excited, I was able to try out the Rhubarb shampoo, Cherry Almond oil shampoo, Mane and Tail shampoo along with the Mane and Tail detangler from @horsecleaning this weekend, and I am super impressed! The shampoos are very concentrated, a little bit goes a very long way, and the detangler is fantastic! I'm sold! I think my favourite so far is the Rhubarb shampoo, I love the way it smells! But then again, the Cherry Almond oil shampoo gives an incredible shine, so I guess I'm torn 😂🤣😂 They are both fantastic. And I have never seen such a shine on a mane as I was able to with the mane and tail shampoo! I guess I will just have to post a bunch of photos for you to see for yourself!⁠⁣⁣
I can honestly say I have never tried anything like these products, but I am so glad I found them. And they ship to the US, so bonus!⁠⁣⁣
I am putting together a video to show you how great these products work. I mean, seeing is believing right? And let me tell you, I'm a believer 😍😍😍⁠"⁣ ⁣

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Never far away from my cleaning products, even on a day off.... 😉😎⁣

Had a little break today from working to clear my head, get away from the hundreds of cardboard boxes in the warehouse and to get some fresh air and sun ☀️ ⁣

Whilst at the yard I gave a quick little clean on some tack and of course using over very own Leather Tack Cleaner and Leather Armour (two products I need to promote more of as they are such a great combination for cleaning tack super quickly when you don’t have the time for saddle soap). ⁣

Super quick and easy to use products, all you require is a nice brush to agitate the solution once sprayed on to the tack and let the product work it’s magic then after 1-2mins wipe off the dirt with a towel. ⁣

After cleaning then spray a nice amount of the Leather Armour over the tack and allow to air dry, once dry buff with a towel or ideally a microfibre towel and buff so that tack is then fully dry and it’s ready to be hung up for next time 😎⁣

#horsecleaning #mastersofshampoos #horsetack #tackcleaning #horseshampoos #horsegrooming

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I have had a handful of requests from people asking if they can purchase additional triggers and bottles that we use and today this is now possible⁣ 👍

I'm not expecting many sales on these items, however, for the individuals who have asked they are now available via the website to add to your orders or to purchase separately, likely suitable for our customers who purchase the shampoos vis the 5l and 25l containers for decanting 😉

While on the subject of triggers if you have not upgraded to our Pro Black and Gold trigger I highly recommend you do on your next purchase, it is the best spray trigger on the market! Super comfortable to hold in hand, finger-friendly trigger and adjustable spray pattern and super quiet, making these triggers ideal around young and nervous horses, great for mane and tail detanglers or fly spray 😎

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Time for an #equestriangiveaway 😎 We are randomly giving away one 500ml bottle of our Apple #equestrianshampoo to ONE lucky #horsecleaning fan. ⁣⁣⁣
Our Apple #horseshampoo provides a deep cleansing wash with a ph balanced formula!⁣⁣⁣
To enter all you need to do is drop a comment on this post with the words: yes please⁣⁣⁣ and make sure you are following the account
* UK ENTRY ONLY, the winner will be randomly selected by computer the following week and announced in the comment on this post and our stories feed. ⁣⁣⁣
** Per Instagram rules, this promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use.⁣⁣⁣
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A great little video edit from @bomyboyy using our #equestrianshampoos earlier today ⁣

"small edit of bathing bo yesterday with my @horsecleaning shampoo 🤪 I absolutely love it - bo had the lemon and lime scent and now he is kinda vibing 😉 got lots of compliments at the yard today at how shiny he is :)) but yes I’m sorry I got a mark on my go pro half way through OOPS, I had sm fun giving him his first proper bath in a while- can we all agree he looks fit in the afro😎✋🏻"⁣

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Following the announcement of the new Clearpay payment instalments service on our website yesterday, we have had some questions sent in via DM messages. ⁣⁣
Having responded back to these questions directly to each person, we now have a dedicated information page on the website with full details of Clearpay instalments service as well as several FAQ's. ⁣⁣

You can find this page via the website navigation menu or by going to ⁣

#horsecleaning #mastersofshampoos #equestrians #equestriansofinstagram #equestriansofinsta #equestrianbrandambassador #horsegroom #horsegrooming #horsegroomingproducts

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Yesterday I mentioned something I have been working on for an option that may help some of our customers out during this time, especially when it comes to larger purchases and financial support!⁣

We have been looking for the best solutions, and well, this afternoon I am happy to announce we have been approved with the Clearpay shopping service. Clearpay is all about empowering people to have greater control over their budgets and shopping decisions. They do this by enabling customers to shop when they choose to, have their goods immediately and spread the cost over time. ⁣

You may have seen the phase - LOVE IT | GET IT | PAY IN FOUR being used on some more significant retail sites such as JD Sports, ASOS, BOOHOO and PRETTYLITTLETHING etc.. as a small example of retail partners already using the Clearpay service.⁣

Well, now Horse Cleaning joins these top brands and many more on the Clearpay service. From today our customers can now purchase items via the checkout and choose the Clearpay service to spread the total cost of payments over four instalments, due every two weeks. ⁣

You need to be over 18 years of age, a UK resident and you use your existing bank card either debit or credit. At the checkout simply select Clearpay and see the breakdown cost of the instalments right on the screen with no need to go anywhere else. The whole process is super easy to complete the simple application form, and then you just pay the four instalments as indicated on the checkout page. It's super simple, convenient, and there is no additional cost for you to use this service so long as you pay on time. ⁣

Available right now on transactions over £10 and up to the value of £800, i think this is going to be a great option for our customers who would like to split the payment in four parts rather than a total lump sum.⁣

Clearpay is built on trust and is a free service for the customer. They take the risk for both the customer and their retail partners, with the only expectation being that the customer holds up their end of the deal and pays on time. ⁣

Clearpay is a budgeting tool that enables customers to Split payments into 4 instalments every 2 weeks.

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Today I have spent my time working on some website updates. We have our new servers all set up so we should start to see even better page loading speeds on the site in the coming days once all the DNS settings settle down/in etc.. 😎⁣

Also updated our shampoo product images, not studio quality but we need to work with what we have and be sensible on the business expenses at this current time (so the pro photos will have to wait sadly until lockdown finishes). I'm no photographer but I am happy with the results and anyone who knows me, well know just how fussy/OCD I am when it comes to little details, however, they are a much-needed improvement over our old images, so I am happy with that and Amazon has approved them which is no easy feat... ⁣

Have to say though, WHAT A SHAMPOO LINE UP! Ok, I'm pretty bias but those are some damn sexy looking bottles of shampoos! ⁣😍😍😍

The colours just pop and well those of you have who have used our shampoos will know the fragrances match these colours and truly pop as well 👌😎⁣

Finally, I have an exciting announcement to make when it comes to shopping on our store in the next couple of days and I think it will help a lot of people out when it comes to finances/expenses, I have done a lot of research on this to help our customers during these tricky times and I think it will be popular, especially for them bigger checkout purchases! (yes another clue to something else coming to our line up soon...) ⁣

I’m just waiting for the final legal documents to be approved having just signed and agreed to over 24 pages of legal and financial paperwork 😴 All going to plan we could be up and running in the next few days, of course, more details will follow when everything is ready😎⁣

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Horse Cleaning has a new product launching this week 😎⁣

Introducing our brand new Lemon Kennel Disinfectant and Deodoriser Cleaner 👍 The first of a new product category for Horse Cleaning! ⁣

This brand new kennel disinfectant is the first product in our new dog cleaning category and features our popular lemon fragrance (borrowed from our lemon and lime horse shampoo) for a fresh after cleaning scent. ⁣

The dog shampoos will also be available shortly after this release, they are just undergoing final sign-off and approval in the lab, for more info visit our blog and see the recent post (link in BIO)👌⁣

#horsecleaning #mastersofshampoos #kennels #disinfectant #deodoriser #dogsofinstagram #equestrian #equestrianlife #equestriandog #stabledog #horseboxdoggies

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***Applications are now closed***
No competition to enter, no liking pages or shoutouts to advertise a company page as many others often do as a basis of applying 😠. We are offering a straight-up application process based on what you can provide and most importantly, why you want to be part of our growing team 👍. ⁣⁣
Sure, we could use the 'competition' method; however, we are not after reposts, gaining followers or promoting a business as a way of entry. It honestly bugs me that 'businesses' do these types of entry methods for BA or Sponsored Rider positions. They are nothing more than using individuals to promote a brand on the slim chance of being accepted, and that's not right for them to do that! 😔 ⁣⁣
Am i missing a trick? Maybe but it's not right, i don't agree with getting individuals to create free content, take time out of their day to produce these entry videos/photos and then ask their friends to like and follow said company as a way for them to 'win' a role 🙄. ⁣⁣
To apply for our BA role, please click on the link in the Bio, click on Blog and then click on our recent post. The post provides full details of the role and how to apply. ⁣⁣
I look forward to reviewing the applications in due course⁣⁣

All the best,⁣⁣
Founder Horse Cleaning ⁣⁣

#horsecleaning #mastersofshampoos #equestrians #equestriansofinstagram #equestriansofinsta #equestrianbrandambassador #horsegroom #horsegrooming #horsegroomingproducts

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You may not know this but we offer a 110% satisfaction guarantee with our #horseshampoos ⁣

Not happy with the cleaning results? Simply contact us for a full refund of the product cost, no refund fight required unless you want 😝😂😂⁣

Too good to be true? Not at all we want all our customers to be happy with our products and if for some strange reason they don’t work for you (past experience and customer reviews says otherwise 😉) then we still want you to have a great customer experience with us 👍⁣

Even if a purchase was not right now we want it to be right in the future should you want to come back and try us again and for that customer experience is everything 😎⁣

So give us a try today, you won’t be disappointed and if you are, we still have your back regardless 😉⁣

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Hopefully this weekend you have managed to get outside for some exercise or those lucky to have a garden have enjoyed the ☀️ Living in a flat myself, I sure am missing that luxury of outdoor space...⁣

100% missing visiting customer yards or getting out to the shows at the moment but love seeing the photo tags and DMs from followers who are able to visit their horses 🐴 ⁣

Remember Stay Safe, Keep Your Distant From Others and Wash Them Hands! 🧼 😎⁣

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Whilst there are no shows on currently 🙁 we wanted to share an old little clip of Sponsored Rider Phoebe and Silva having some jump practice 😎⁣

#horsecleaning #mastersofshampoos #horsesofinsta #horsesofinstagram #showjumping #showjumper #showjumpinghorse #showjumpersofinstagram #sponsoredequestrian #sponsoredrider

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Are you an equestrian business owner?⁣

Myself and a couple of other equestrian business owners are currently busy building a new directory-based website exclusively for British Equestrian Businesses. This website is going to be a FREE directory to support equestrian businesses during these uncertain times 🙁 ⁣

Visit www.britishequestrianbusinesses.co.uk to add your details and be notified via email as soon as our website is ready 👍

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Look at them fly 🚀 a fantastic action shot of Sponsored Rider Miley and Betty this morning in the 138. Both jumped a super round just to roll the last pole in the jump off, so unlucky! Then they jumped a super round in the class after, well done both 👍 ⁣

Betty as ever looking fantastic thanks to our #equestrianshampoos ⁣
#horsecleaning #mastersofshampoos⁣⁣⁣
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Sponsored Rider Miley and Betty competing over the weekend ❤️🦄 ⁣

Betty looking amazing as ever after her bath in our Equestrian Whitening Shampoo the day before and still gleaming on competition day👌🏻⁣
#horsecleaning #mastersofshampoos⁣⁣⁣
#equestriansponsor #horsegroomingproducts #horsegroomingsolutions #horsegroomingtools #horseshampoo #horseshampoos #ponyshampoo #showjumping #sponsoredequestrianrider #sponsoredequestrianteam #sponsoredequestrian #showjumper #showjumpersofinstagram #showjumpersofinsta #showjumpingpony

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First show of the year for Sponsored Rider Fanny and Micla who jumped clear and into 5th place in the 1m30 earlier today, well done both 😍😍😍
#horsecleaning #mastersofshampoos⁣⁣⁣
#equestriansponsor #horsegroomingproducts #horsegroomingsolutions #horsegroomingtools #horseshampoo #horseshampoos #ponyshampoo #showjumping #sponsoredequestrianrider #sponsoredequestrianteam #sponsoredequestrian #showjumper #showjumpersofinstagram #swedenshowjumping #showjumpingsweden

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A quick visit to a local showground with Sponsored Rider Vicky and Caspy this afternoon having not been out for a couple of weeks due to the weather and workload. ⁣

No wins today due to a pole down and sadly the second class did not run due to lack of entries 🙁 Still a good day out and more importantly supporting a local show ground! ⁣

With all the closures over the past few years there not many show jumping locations left in the south east so it’s super important to support these show grounds otherwise once they have gone they have gone for good... 😢 ⁣
#horsecleaning #mastersofshampoos⁣⁣⁣
#equestriansponsor #horsegroomingproducts #horsegroomingsolutions #horsegroomingtools #horseshampoo #horseshampoos #ponyshampoo #showjumping #sponsoredequestrianrider #sponsoredequestrianteam #sponsoredequestrian #showjumpersofinstagram #showjumpers

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