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Apply To Be A Horse Cleaning Product Reviewer

We’re looking for Equestrian Bloggers, Influencers and YouTubers to become part of our Reviewers Team

Becoming a Horse Cleaning Product Reviewer, you will share our passion for equestrian cleaning products but not only that, we want you to embody our core values and become part of our growing reviewer network. Work with Horse Cleaning and become an equestrian inspiration for others whilst being rewarded with early access to new products and the opportunity to earn a commission from sale conversions!

For successful application

As a Horse Cleaning Reviewer, you will promote Horse Cleaning throughout your community and social media platforms in a positive manner. Providing your follower base with photos and videos of you using our Horse Cleaning products in every aspect of your equestrian life. Sharing your inspirations and enthusiasm of our products to your community and generating a healthy network of potential Horse Cleaning customers and sales leads.

A Horse Cleaning Reviewer will perform best when actively reviewing our brand/products either in a studio, stables, local riding venue or a suitable equestrian-themed location as to create awareness about our equestrian brand or products to both existing and potential customers. For best results, this will include sharing and generating online content for all social media platforms in addition to the primary focus of YouTube.

As a Horse Cleaning Reviewer, you must be knowledgeable about the Horse Cleaning journey in every aspect, you can find more about how we started on the About Us page.

Suggested qualities to become a successful Horse Cleaning Reviewer

  1. Ideally have already purchased and used at a minimum one of our cleaning solutions (experienced first hand the uniqueness of our products to be able to provide a working example review)
  2. Possess a friendly and warming approach when speaking on camera (we don’t force sales, we listen and engage with potential audiences and reviews should be in a similar approach)
  3. Ability to speak clearly, confidently and respectful in public
  4. Ability to build long-lasting relationships
  5. Web, Social and Video technical savviness (understands each platform, how to measure success, able to locate opportunities, content creation etc..)
  6. Credibility in the community (people respect your judgement, guidance and you are a person of authority/ knowledge)
  7. Understands that at all times online and offline Reviewers are representing Horse Cleaning by mere association and therefore expected professional behaviour must be considered


  1. Applicants must be 16 years or older. (Persons under the age of 16 years will require parental consent)
  2. A legitimate Social Media follower base of at least 500, however, accounts with fewer followers will be reviewed if accounts produce excellent content (no like for like accounts, share for share, bot accounts or unrelated audience accounts will be accepted. Our review process will complete check’s to ensure that your account follower base is 100% genuine)
  3. Youtube and Social media accounts will be examined to ensure our brand values are not misaligned to what you portray to the general public. Everyone who represents our brand must make sure their public profiles, online and offline behaviour is professional at all times and is not damaging by the mere association to Horse Cleaning
  4. You must have a digital camera/device that can capture photos and record HD video footage

How does it work?

Individuals first have to apply for a Product Review role via the application form below. We then review the application and if successful you’ll be invited to join a web chat/meeting where our team will discuss the products available for review in more detail and upon completion of the introduction session, a product(s) will be sent in the post for you complete the review.

Once the product(s) have been received you will then complete your product review and post the clip to YouTube and Social Media websites. You will then send the link of the video to our team so we can then review and cross-promote the video clip via our Social Media Channels. When providing a product review we ask for an authentic review and therefore will leave the creative process of content/recording style to you, all we ask is that said content is positive and respectful of our company values and does not contain anything negative that viewers will find offensive and that the content must also stay within YouTube, Facebook and Instagram platform guidelines.

Should a review contain an authentic negative comment/observation while using the product/completing the review, we welcome this feedback so long as it is authentic and contains a constructive point being made within the review. However, if a negative point/observation of no value to the viewer is being made, this would be considered as a slander and malice comment and such action to protect our brand would then be taken with our legal teams for the removal of the misleading content and the seeking of damages may be sought after. We do not aim to filter any negative points on our products we only ask for a fair review on valid points and not simply to provide a negative image because you have a biased view due to another brand loyalty or favouritism to another brand due to another commercial relationship in place (sadly some firms encourage individuals to provide misleading reviews simply because a business is a competitor to them).

If you would like to monetise your review you can also apply for our Affiliate role and complete our Affiliate Application Form, we then review the application and you will be provided access to our Affiliate Hub.

From within the Affiliate Hub, you can create unique Affiliate links (referral links) which you then share online in the video description, video prompts and comments. These links can also be shared on any other active social media channel such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The larger the audience, the higher quality the review footage the higher the conversions generally.

When somebody has clicked your unique referral link, they will be redirected to our website, where they can complete product purchase. Upon a completed transaction, you will be awarded 8% commission which can then be exchanged for store credit to purchase products for yourself or exchanged for a PayPal cash exchange.

More information can be found on the Affiliate Programme.

What are the general rules when posting Horse Cleaning content and links?

Our company views on this subject are quite strict; you must ensure any published content is targeted to the right audience and will offer value to the target audience. Do not post referral links just for the sake of posting, this offers no value to readers, damages our brand value and overall the content you post should be engaging and not just a referral link.

People do not like to be“sold” too, they instead require between 5-7 touchpoints, these touchpoints can be various types of information about a solution or product. In time customers when ready will make a decision when to complete a transaction, at no stage should any Affiliate/Reviewer be forceful in trying to secure a purchase, this is against our core values, is bad customer service and disliked by many.

Failure to follow the touchpoint process will result in fewer conversions and more than likely result in a platform report for nuisance/ spam content.

It’s incredibly important to ensure that you’re not spamming a post or feed of another individual unless they are asking for product recommendations in which case it would be acceptable to post one referral link.

If another Affiliate has provided a recommendation or referral link, do not add any further links as this would be deemed as thread hijacking.

If you have posted a topic or comment, do not bump more than once every seven days. Bumping content every day is considered spamming.

Spamming is totally against our values, and we condemn this 100%. Spamming can lead to your Affiliate link not working correctly, or worse case resulting in a platform banning our links. If we discover incidents of spamming activity, your account will be investigated and potentially closed down, any outstanding or pending commissions will be forfeited.

If you are interested and feel that you have what it takes to become a successful Horse Cleaning Reviewer please fill in the application form below: 

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