Are You An Equestrian Blogger Or Influencer?


Are you an avid Blogger, Social Influencer, YouTuber? Every month we offer promotional bottles of Horse Cleaning Shampoos for review. Apply now if you have a popular site or channel related to equestrianism or horse grooming. Although there are no specific requirements for the number of followers or subscribers you should have, we generally tend to work with accounts with minimum of 500 followers as a starting point. If you have between 250 and 500 followers you may still apply however content quality must be of equivalent production quaility that you would find on a larger account, unfortunately, we cannot work with brand new accounts.

We wish we could send review shampoos to everyone who requests one, but unfortunately, we cannot choose everyone who applies as we would quickly be out of business due to the costs involved in sending out items for review. However, if you want to purchase your own shampoo and do a review, please send it to us and we’d love to share it!

Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program and start earning £ today! Get rewarded for sharing your Horse Cleaning love on your site, blog or social media channel. You will earn commission from every customer you send our way!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity of working with you!

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