Corvid19 Impact

Corvid19 Impact

Corvid19 Impact

We are currently experiencing a delay of our empty bottles coming into our warehouse from our suppliers due to Corvid19 🙁

Usually, we have two shipments a week; however, so far in the last month, we have only received one delivery instead of the usual eight. We have also seen an increase in orders in the past week with our new Brand Ambassadors sharing their results which have seen the usual forecast of 2k orders a month being blown out of the water with an additional 3k orders in just three days last week on top of our usual monthly orders we forecast for. Some say a great problem to have for a new business, and it is, however, still a headache none the less with trying to get this increased volume of orders out the doors whilst still heavily restricted on operations due to the government’s advice around Corvid19.

This has resulted in a shortfall of empty bottles, and I have been chasing daily with our bottle suppliers who have advised that due to Corvid19 the European bottle manufactures are not making as many bottles as usual due to staff not working and shipment delays with the freight airlines also impacted with Corvid19.

I’m truly sorry that we will be experiencing delays on orders! This is not the usual experience with Horse Cleaning, so I am deeply sorry for this, and I am doing everything I can to get more bottles in ASAP!

Please note that due to this, we are now seeing an additional five days to our warehouse dispatch times. As soon as we receive bottles from our supplier’s then your orders will be dispatched ASAP! All order progress/status updates will be updated daily via our email notifications and SMS alerts so you are fully informed with the latest information as soon as we have it.

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