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Why are we looking for Horse Cleaning Brand Ambassadors?

We are looking to connect with more passionate riders who are at the heart of their local equestrian community. These individuals can help promote our brand to other equestrians on who we are, how our products can help them with their horse cleaning challenges, and why Horse Cleaning are The Masters Of Shampoos  

What would a Horse Cleaning Brand Ambassador role involve?

Being at the heart of your local equestrian community means that:

  • You’ll be expected to positively promote Horse Cleaning in your local equestrian community, for example at the stables where you ride or keep your horse, at local riding clubs and regional competitions
  • Promote Horse Cleaning via your social media channels by creating original content, videos, product reviews and sharing your equestrian journey using our range of cleaning products
  • Like and Share official Horse Cleaning content back to your own social accounts and engage within comments on Horse Cleaning posted content
  • Use your initiative and be able to work without supervision to engage/promote our equestrian cleaning range with potential customers without being asked to do so, follow them up to check if they need help or recommendations with any products that they maybe are considering purchasing and most importantly be approachable and a local point of contact for your area
  • It is necessary for Brand Ambassadors to have active social social accounts and who engage regularly with their followers including the successes and downfalls of their journey, your accounts should have a minimum of 4 posts a week
    (Note this minimum post number is of your own equestrian content and not Horse Cleaning content! If you currently post to your accounts less than 4 times a week, your account is not active enough)
  • For your own posted account content this should be inspiring, entertaining and informative for your followers

What characteristics are Horse Cleaning looking for in their Brand Ambassadors?

Spreading the word out about Horse Cleaning in your local equestrian community will be challenging and hard work in this very competitive market. To be successful, you’ll need to demonstrate the following characteristics:

Reflect Horse Cleaning values

You personally need to reflect the values and personality of our brand. For prospective customers to understand what the purpose of Horse Cleaning is, you need to be able to articulate these yourself, be authentic while being mindful of our core values/approach (guidance will be provided). As an ambassador of Horse Cleaning, you are representing our brand and values. We will be looking for people who have a strong conscience both digitally and offline. Any entries from individuals with a history of questionable, disrespectful, or insensitive posts or offline actions will not be considered for this role.

Demonstrate the marketing objective of this role

You need to be friendly with an approachable demeanour that can effectively promote Horse Cleaning and our range of equestrian cleaning products – the real aim of this role. This doesn’t mean you need a degree in business marketing before you can apply! In fact, it’s not necessary at all for this position. What is essential, however, is a basic understanding of our core values and products. (training will be provided)

Be passionate

Your passion for all things equestrian will be genuine, infectious and energetic. You must genuinely believe in our products and the results they achieve.

Is there anything else that is required?

To be considered for this exciting opportunity, you need to:

  • Have purchased and used a Horse Cleaning product first-hand, applications will be checked against our customer database   
  • Have at least two active social media channels with approx 500 genuine followers (account audits will be completed during application review)
  • Have the ability to produce high-quality content, as such it is crucial to have the technical skills to be creative and to be confident on video content
  • Be aged 16 or over (under 16’s will require parental consent)
  • Not currently working/contracted with another equestrian cleaning company or any other business that would be a conflict of interest
  • Not working with more than 3 brands (to perform a BA role correctly it is not possible to effectivly support more than three brands at any one time)

What can you expect as a Horse Cleaning Brand Ambassador?

You will:

  • Enjoy an unlimited personal discount of 15% across our range of products *not including sale items
  • Have an exclusive discount code to share with your friends/local community/followers
  • Receive 8% commission on any sales made with your referral codes/bio links
  • Opportunity to purchase branded Horse Cleaning apparel (saddle pads, jackets etc.) at a discounted rate (If you purchase branded Horse Cleaning apparel you will be expected to use these items at all competitions)
  • The right to refer to yourself as an offical Horse Cleaning Brand Ambassador
  • Exclusive membership to the Horse Cleaning private members group on Facebook
  • Bio/profile on our Brand Ambassadors page as well as a dedicated blog page for sharing your own content

For high achieving BA’s discounts rates will be increased based on sale volumes a well as an increase on sales commissions. High achieving BA’s may be entitled to FREE product allocations for demo/content creation and for personal use as well additional rewards along their journey.


With representation comes responsibility. Anything problematic or contradictory to our company values on either personal social media accounts, offline or individuals failing to meet the expectations of the programme or negatively representing Horse Cleaning or it’s partners will have their contract terminated with immediate loss of programme benefits and the return of any Horse Cleaning branded items.

This role is not for you if you are just looking for freebies… Being a Brand Ambassador is hard work, it requires time to complete the expected tasks each month; however, it is an enriching role and opens further opportunity to work even closer with Horse Cleaning/our equestrian partners and the opportunity to be promoted to a Sponsored Rider!

Could you be a Horse Cleaning Brand Ambassador?

If you believe that you’re the perfect equestrian for this role, we’d love to hear from you, so apply today and tell us why via the application form below:

Brand Ambassador Application Form
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