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Following on from our earlier tip around followers and how not to focus on that as a metric for success, it is also important that you keep an eye on 'ghost' follower accounts! ⁠

These are accounts that follow you but do not engage on your content, put simply remove them every couple of months as ghost accounts will only hinder your engagement and organic reach! ⁠

Remember when you first post only a handful of followers see your post, if that post receives good engagement to that batch of followers then it is shown to more followers and so on and so on. However, if your post is hitting them 'ghost' followers and no engagement comes from them then your organic reach is going to stop right away and your post will not be shown to any more of your followers! ⁠

So make sure you remove them ghost accounts often! We do this each business quarter on our accounts and the reason if you pay attention why we hover around the 5k follower mark. ⁠

Each time we do this, we purge around 250 ghost accounts at a time and sure it means our follower number goes down or hovers around the 5k mark, however, as i mentioned above if accounts are not engaging with the content what value does that bring having a high number of followers but zero interest with your posts?!?!⁠

Quality over quantity, always 😉⁠

Just a FYI if you have seen this and not recently engaged with our account, time to start as our next ghost follower purge is the end of this month 👻⁠

23 1

A common metric many people use for a social account is 'how many followers they have' but this is the wrong metric to use as a judgement factor on how well they are doing or how well an 'influencer' is doing…⁠

The number of followers an account has can be completely falsified by an account holder from using options such as follow for follow, follow to enter competitions and purchased follower accounts etc.. ⁠

The number of times i have had people comment how many followers they have and yet that makes zero interest for us. Businesses when looking to collaborate are looking for good quality content and engagement with their followers it's never about whoever has the highest number of followers! So please, when approaching brands don't use follower numbers as some kind of approval metric, all this does is show us that you do not under understand the 'social' aspect of social media 🙈 ⁠

Focus on great quality content and learn about how to take photos and record video footage since businesses would rather collaborate with an account who had 500 active and engaged followers than an account with 25k who are all ghost followers and zero comments on posts! ⁠

Focus on your engagement with your followers and build a community who are active, engaged and social. If a brand is telling you that you need to have 25k followers to work with them then you do not need to be collaborating with them as they do not understand social media… ⁠

Want to work with Horse Cleaning? Bring examples of great content and then we can review on options to collaborate with us, however, if you message with 'look how many followers you have' and how much 'exposure' you will get from your followers then i'm afraid you are misinformed on how you can bring value to a brand collaboration 😉 ⁠

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Hope you are well and belated Happy New Year! We have been on a bit of radio silence on the social accounts so far this year due to the new lockdown we find ourselves in 😔

I wanted to be posting a more positive message as we head into 2021. Sadly, the reality is that moving into a new year does not remove the hardships of 2020 and the current pandemic we all find ourselves in is still challenging!

Moving into 2021 we were expecting a further lockdown to be announced in January following the chaos of the tiers over Christmas and the number of cases rising etc. However, like many, we did not expect it to be for as long as it has been and how it is looking moving forwards 😔

As many of you will know, the weather and events calendar is closely linked to our business model and sale volumes. We usually expect a quiet period from the new year into February due to the UK's cold weather. Sales are generally slow for us during these early months as customers typically do not bath unless they are competing.

In the past we have enough trade to cover our costs over these quieter months with indoor show jumping, cross country jumping and the eventing season keeping us ticking over. However, with the additional lockdown restrictions, we have now had a significant impact on our sales so far in January due to no competitions taking place and with that a reduction of horse bathing taking a step down on many of our customer's priority lists.

We are doing everything we can to keep running through these difficult times, and don't plan on giving up without a fight. Hopefully, the lockdown will end sooner than later🤞; still, we wanted to be open and transparent with you all, as we are not going to sit here and say everything is great on social media because it is not…

If anything changes, of course, you will be the first to know, but for now, we have to keep positive, keep working away in the background and keep trying to move forwards.

If anyone is running a bit low on shampoo and can place an early order now instead of waiting for Spring, this would help us a lot, we would be so ever thankful for the support!

Keep safe everyone!
Founder of Horse Cleaning

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Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you so much to all our customers for your custom this year! Many of you are unaware of what an impact your purchase(s) have on small businesses like ours, especially in 2020…⁠

Each time a notification rings with a new order, we hit a new milestone for our business. Another order equals one step closer to our goals! Our goals and vision for the Horse Cleaning business are big, heck some might say unachievable, but with each order, we get one step closer⁠

We may not have reached our planned growth goals for this year; however, I am so happy to have made it through all the challenges 2020 has thrown at us! We have all seen the challenges for many businesses this year and so getting through the year alone is a milestone and one that I am happy to tick off ⁠

We have had some positive moments and faced many challenges in 2020, but what I am most proud about this year through the challenges is keeping you, our customers happy!⁠

We have processed packages out to the UK, USA, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Spain, the Middle East, and so many more locations in 2020! All of which is thanks to the many customers just like you, so thank you! ⁠

Thank you for placing an order(s) with us this year, every single penny is reinvested back into our business, our growth plans and most importantly, product development ⁠

Your feedback and reviews post-purchase help us with gaining new customers and your social media photos, videos and shoutouts in group chats all help us expand our business, and for that, I am forever grateful, more than you will ever know! ⁠

As our business grows thanks to your support, we can continually develop more fantastic cleaning products, support more riders via our Brand Ambassador and Sponsored Rider programmes, and take one step closer to our next milestone ⁠

Thank you for the trust in my brand and our products, it means so much to me and makes the very long hours so worthwhile seeing all the photos and feedback. I look forward to seeing even more photos and videos of your cleaning results in 2021 and thank you for all the support this year 🥰⁠

Sam ⁠
Founder Horse Cleaning

33 1

Thank you Brand Ambassador @samolivershowjumper for sharing this video, well done and what a great way to finish the 2020 season 👍 😎⁠

Here's what Sam had to say:⁠

Jj your a super star what a good way to end the year jumping double clear in the winter Grand Prix coming 10th he jumped unreal again thank you to guy Goosen for his amazing training and for Harrington horses selling me this amazing horse thank you to Allen and page for the lucky saddle pad and horse cleaning shampoo that keeps my horses cost gleaming with there lovely smelling shampoos ⁠

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Sponsored Rider @louise3706 has recently been pony shopping… 🙈 Introducing a gorgeous 3yr old registered Connemara, i think Louise's favourite Lemon and Lime shampoo might be getting replaced with our Whitening shampoo 😉🤣⁠

Here's what Louise had to say:⁠

Just love him, he has a temperament to die for. Only had him a week and on board already. He’s going to be a cracking little horse 🦄 🤩 🥰⁠

#horsecleaningshampoo⁣ #horsecleaning #mastersofshampoos #wearehorsecleaning #equestriangrooming #equestrianshampoo #equestrianshampoos #horse #horsebath #horsebathing #horsebathtime #horsecleaning #horsegrooming #horsegroomingessentials #horsegroomingproducts #horsegroomingsolutions #horsegroomingtips #horsegroomingtools #horsereview #horseshampoo #horseshampooandconditioner #horseshampoogoals #horseshampoos #horsesofinsta #horsesofinstagram #horsewhiteningshampoo #ponyshampoo #whiteningshampoo #maneandtail

68 2

Thank you Brand Ambassador @egertonsporthorses for sharing this video clip 👍 😎⁠

Here's what Amy had to say:⁠

Last show of 2020 done only managed to get an entry for belle today she stepped up into the 1.25m qualifier which she ate up I just got a bit too close on a turn and had a pole but I’m so pleased with her she’s trying her best to fill a palma and Koko void! #lovethismare so much more to come from baby belle! #pingingpony #thebouncyball #kneesup #showjumping #showjumpersofinstagram big thanks to all the continued support from whitehorsetax voltairedesuk dengiehorsefeeds gainequinenutrition horsecleaning and zebra_products couldn’t do it without you!! ⁠

Your support means the horses get what they deserve, the best!! ⁠

#horsecleaningbrandambassador #horsecleaningba ⁠
#horsecleaningshampoo⁣ #horsecleaning #mastersofshampoos #wearehorsecleaning #equestriangrooming #equestrianshampoo #equestrianshampoos #horsegrooming #horsegroomingessentials #horsegroomingproducts #horsegroomingsolutions #horsegroomingtools #horseshampoo #horseshampooandconditioner #horseshampoogoals #horseshampoos #horsesofinsta #horsesofinstagram #horsewhiteningshampoo #ponyshampoo #whiteningshampoo #maneandtail

46 1

Thank you Brand Ambassador @evalunau_dressage for sharing this photo from using our #equestrianshampoos 👍😎⁠

Here's what Eva had to say:⁠

Shine bright with horsecleaning 🤩🤩 ⁠

#horsecleaningbrandambassador #horsecleaningba ⁠
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44 4

A great example from customer @asf_air_attack using some of our whitening shampoo but with a little bit of challenge with snow in the region… ☃️⁠

Here's what Grace had to say:⁠

SHOW PREP on a snowy day!? Yes it can be done! I hand scrubbed with a tub of warm water with horsecleaning whitening solution in it, then gave them a rinse in blue conditioner and water, then just regular water to clean them off. I'm floored. Perfect trio for a sparkling white!!⁠

#horsecleaningshampoo⁣ #horsecleaning #mastersofshampoos #wearehorsecleaning #equestriangrooming #equestrianshampoo #equestrianshampoos #horse #horsebath #horsebathing #horsebathtime #horsecleaning #horsegrooming #horsegroomingessentials #horsegroomingproducts #horsegroomingsolutions #horsegroomingtips #horsegroomingtools #horsereview #horseshampoo #horseshampooandconditioner #horseshampoogoals #horseshampoos #horsesofinsta #horsesofinstagram #horsewhiteningshampoo #ponyshampoo #whiteningshampoo #maneandtail

43 0

@whitehorsefarmec Hero drying off under the solarium after a pamper session with #horsecleaning whitening shampoo before his film shoot in London 👌 🥰⁠

#horsecleaningshampoo⁣ #horsecleaning #mastersofshampoos #wearehorsecleaning #equestriangrooming #equestrianshampoo #equestrianshampoos #horse #horsebath #horsebathing #horsebathtime #horsegrooming #horsegroomingessentials #horsegroomingproducts #horsegroomingsolutions #horsegroomingtips #horsegroomingtools #horsereview #horseshampoo #horseshampooandconditioner #horseshampoogoals #horseshampoos #horsesofinsta #horsesofinstagram #horsewhiteningshampoo #ponyshampoo #whiteningshampoo #maneandtail

66 0

Well done to Brand Ambassador @ellab.equine a successful day of jumping yesterday 👌 😍 😍⁠

Here's what Ella had to say: ⁠

SUCH an amazing day out showjumping today! came home with two clears and a 10th in the 85 and 5th in the 90!! ⁠

So the 85 was slightly messy as he was a bit spooky with all the christmas decor… the 90 was AMAZING by far the biggest but best course we have ever done! ⁠

Well done holly.eventingg and showjumpingbeau you two did amazing 💞💞⁠

Also used my horsecleaning shampoo to keep him clean 😍😍⁠

#horsecleaningbrandambassador #horsecleaningba ⁠
#horsecleaningshampoo⁣ #horsecleaning #mastersofshampoos #wearehorsecleaning #equestriangrooming #equestrianshampoo #equestrianshampoos #horsebath #horsebathing #horsebathtime #horsegrooming #horsegroomingessentials #horsegroomingproducts #horsegroomingsolutions #horsegroomingtips #horsegroomingtools #horseshampoo #horseshampooandconditioner #horseshampoogoals #horseshampoos #horsesofinsta #horsesofinstagram #horsewhiteningshampoo #ponyshampoo #whiteningshampoo #maneandtail #buryfarmequestrian #ballinacloughice

58 2

Some little festive updates on the website and social channels this afternoon, featuring our Santa hats logo and falling snow on the website. ⁠

We have also updated the homepage Customer Testimonials with a new testimonials slider and our current verified stars review badge from YOTPO 👌 🥰⁠

We now have 81 five star externally verified testimonials 😍😍😍. It has taken a while since moving over to the YOTPO service with 737 review requests now placed since the transition to our new review system. ⁠

Whilst 81 reviews is amazing, we still have some work ahead given that 656 have not yet left a review 😥 The good news is that each new customer order following the transition for reviews are generally leaving the feedback, so thank you so much!!! ⁠

We know it takes a couple of extra steps to go through the YOTPO review system than our old system, however, it is important for Horse Cleaning that our reviews are authentic and that there is no way HC team can just post something since using the YOTPO service only verified customer orders can leave a review resulting in 100% open and transparent customer testimonials 😎⁠

Thank you to everyone who has left a review so far, if you have an email request in the email inbox, please do leave some feedback, every one really does help our business 😍⁠

Whilst not all the reviews are shown on the home page the review the item was left for will be shown on the product review tab, so please do have a look at the review tab for each product complete with customer submitted photos as well 👌⁠

#horsecleaningshampoo⁣ #horsecleaning #mastersofshampoos #wearehorsecleaning #equestriangrooming #equestrianshampoo #equestrianshampoos #horse #horsebath #horsebathing #horsebathtime #horsegrooming #horsegroomingessentials #horsegroomingproducts #horsegroomingsolutions #horsegroomingtips #horsegroomingtools #horsereview #horseshampoo #horseshampooandconditioner #horseshampoogoals #horseshampoos #horsesofinsta #horsesofinstagram #horsewhiteningshampoo #ponyshampoo #whiteningshampoo #maneandtail

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