Our New Registered Trademarks For Horse Cleaning Ltd

Our New Registered Trademarks For Horse Cleaning Ltd

Our New Registered Trademarks For Horse Cleaning Ltd

It’s official, 3 months ago we submitted our logo and slogan to the UK IPO office to register these assets as part of the Horse Cleaning Ltd business. All of our marketing materials are now being updated to include the registered trademark symbol (®).

The use of this symbol provides notice that the preceding words and symbol are a trademark that has been registered with a national trademark office (IPO for the UK).

What is the difference between the trademark (™), registered (®), and copyright (©) symbols?

A Trademark (™) is the symbol used to represent an unregistered trademark. A trademark is a mark established by use as representing a company or product.

A Registered Trademark (®) has been registered and validated by a patent and trademark office. Registered marks require the use of the (®) symbol instead of (™).

Copyright (©) protects artistic, literary and musical works from being copied, distributed, or performed, or having derivative works made, by others, following the recent changes in the UK law all works published are automatically provided Copyright to the owner.

Why Register?

With a registration, a trademark is protected against another company’s use of the name or image. A registered trademark is a legal registration of the mark. Any future companies wishing to register their own design/name/image has to check to be sure that it is not like any other registered trademarks. If the image is too similar and is still produced, the company is then guilty of a trademark infringement.

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