Overnight Chemical Shipping

APC Truck

Overnight Chemical Shipping On Chemical Orders

We have partnered with APC Overnight to offer overnight* shipping for all chemical orders up to 20kg in weight. Partnering with APC Overnight allows us to ship chemical products fully declared for safe transport with overnight delivery to UK mainland postcodes.

Using APC Overnight means our shipments are transported on dedicated liquid delivery trucks and our shipments are fully tracked so we can make sure your parcel arrives on time and in perfect condition!

Due to Horse Cleaning being a new company our shipping rates are higher compared to some of our competitors however as our business grows our shipping rates will decrease and these savings will be passed on to you our customers as soon as we qualify for the discounted rates. When this happens we will be sure to let you all know!

Note: Because we declare our shipments as chemical liquids we do have to pay extra for this dedicated carrying option however we feel the extra cost to be legitimate is worthwhile as we have peace of mind that all shipments will be delivered on time with no risk of the shipment being declined/ returned if the package is found to be a liquid. We are aware that some of our competitors offer cheaper shipping rates however the shipping companies they are using do not allow liquids to be sent as part of their terms of service! This was highlighted to us when we questioned all the major shipping companies within the UK and is the reason we have decided to partner with APC Overnight

* Overnight shipping is arranged on the day of your order status being changed to the completed stage and not when you first place an order via our website. We will process orders as quickly as we can however sometimes we might be delayed by one business day during peak volumes of trade. All customers are kept up to date via email notifications throughout the entire processing stage.

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