We Are Looking For Brand Ambassadors

Horse Cleaning Brand Ambassadors Search

We Are Looking For Brand Ambassadors

We are on the search for our first Horse Cleaning Brand Ambassadors (BA’s) and we are looking to connect with more passionate riders who are at the heart of their local equestrian community. These individuals can help promote our equestrian cleaning brand to other equestrians on who we are, how our products can help them with their horse cleaning challenges, and why Horse Cleaning are The Masters Of Shampoos

So what is a Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador (BA) is an advocate for the brand they represent. Brand Ambassadors are not “sponsored” as such; however, they do get a “package” of benefits for working with and representing the brand. A Brand Ambassador is a great way of working with a company, over time as the relationship develops, their benefits package may be increased and ultimately promoted to a Sponsored Rider role. For more info on ways of working with Horse Cleaning

What would a Horse Cleaning Brand Ambassador role involve?

Being at the heart of your local equestrian community means that:

  • You’ll be expected to positively promote Horse Cleaning in your local equestrian community, for example at the stables where you ride or keep your horse, at local riding clubs and regional competitions
  • Promote Horse Cleaning via your social media channels by creating original content, videos, product reviews and sharing your equestrian journey using our range of cleaning products
  • Like and Share official Horse Cleaning content back to your own social accounts and engage within comments on Horse Cleaning posted content
  • Use your initiative and be able to work without supervision to engage/promote our equestrian cleaning range with potential customers without being asked to do so, follow them up to check if they need help or recommendations with any products that they maybe are considering purchasing and most importantly be approachable and a local point of contact for your area
  • It is necessary for Brand Ambassadors to have active social social accounts and who engage regularly with their followers including the successes and downfalls of their journey, your accounts should have a minimum of 4 posts a week (Note this minimum post number is of your own equestrian content and not Horse Cleaning content! If you currently post to your accounts less than 4 times a week, your account is not active enough)
  • For your own posted account content this should be inspiring, entertaining and informative for your followers

For more information on the role and how to apply, please click here


Comments (2)

  • Avatar
    Shelleleigh Briggs-Price Reply

    Hi I am Shelleleigh Briggs-Price and I would really interested but the only problem is I’m only 12. My instagram is my_gelding_zeus I am very active and I am gaining a lot of followers by the day this would be an amazing opportunity for me.

    25/04/2020 at 9:54 pm
    • Avatar
      Sam Anderson Reply

      Hi Shelleleigh,

      You can still apply for the application, however, you first need to discuss this with your parents. If they are ok with the requirements of the role then you can complete the form.


      26/04/2020 at 1:57 am

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