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Why Horse Cleaning Does Not Run Black Friday Deals

Why Horse Cleaning Does Not Run Black Friday Deals

For the new people coming across the Horse Cleaning brand over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales period, you are likely in for a small shock to find no deals on our websites…

Why not?
Well, our market positioning places us towards the upper tier of equestrian cleaning products and running sales such as Black Friday goes against the brand equity that we have built up over the past few years with our existing customers.

The Horse Cleaning brand is regarded by many as providing the highest quality equestrian shampoos on the market. Our concentrated formulas and premium ingredients require far less product use compared to other cleaning solutions offered by some competitors.

If you are new to the Horse Cleaning brand, then one thing you need to understand with our cleaning solutions is that instead of comparing a bottle cost, you instead need to review the cost per wash!

A competitors bottle of shampoo on average will last between 3-5 washes, whereas a Horse Cleaning shampoo bottle will last approx. 15-20 washes. If a competitor bottle of shampoo is £7.99, the cost per wash is £1.59, whereas a Horse Cleaning bottle at £12.99, then cost per wash is only £0.86p.

Reviewing the cost per wash is a more accurate way to understand the value of using a premium horse shampoo from Horse Cleaning and so based on the value saving per wash, we do not feel the need to ‘push’ Black Friday deals when our customers are already receiving a fantastic discount on the cost to wash vs a one-time promotional offer of a bottle sale.

Respecting our customers
We always appreciate and welcome new customers joining the Horse Cleaning brand, however, this acquisition of new customers must never come at a price point that devalues our existing and loyal customer base.

We have a set entry fee for all and believe this is a fair approach since there is nothing worse than making a purchase with a company only to find out a few days later, the items you purchased are now on a discount offer at a far lower cost than you paid… So, for this reason, there is never a discount opportunity only for new customers with Horse Cleaning.

If we offer a promotion, then this promotion first and foremost must benefit our existing customers in the first instance, then and only after they have benefited should a new customer benefit. You see the thing is we are here for the long run, and not the short term! Having a loyal and returning customer base is what keeps a business afloat. We do see lots of firms only focusing on new customers, and then forgetting about the existing customer base who helped them grow in the first place.

Think about car insurance or mobile phone contracts, we have all experienced an offer being promoted only to be told that’s only valid for the new customers… That’s not such a smart way for keeping all the existing customers happy!

Customer experience is everything!
For us, the customer experience is everything, from the ease of use viewing the website through to a seamless checkout purchase and then being kept informed all through the picking, packing and delivery stages.

The customer experience with Horse Cleaning needs to be maintained at all times, and this can only be done with a controlled capacity throughout all departments of the business. You have seen the crazy crowds in stores or the website crashes or virtual queues due to high volumes of traffic. So a 24 hour Black Friday sale usually results in a company unable to deal with the dramatic uplift in orders and enquiries from customers in such a short time, thus damaging the customer experience.

But surely you miss out on sales?
Perhaps, but you have to ask yourself by running a flash 24-hour sale are these ‘new’ customers even your customers in the first place? Let’s not forget the reason they are only coming on this day is because of a crazy discount and so you have to ask yourself that although a sale is a sale not everyone is your customer…  Sometimes its best let the bargain hunters keep on hunting since these customer groups are only focused on ‘price point’.

Horse Cleaning is not focused on lowest price as our core unique selling point (USP), our focus on USP is on providing the very best equestrian cleaning solutions for the job, which results in far less product waste, less time having to repeat cleaning due to poor performing solutions and looking at the overall lower cost per wash!

Ultimately our new customer sales can not come at the expense of losing our existing loyal customers!

Quality over quantity as they say…

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