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Ways of working with Horse Cleaning

Over the past couple of years, most of us will have noticed the increase in the way in which the equestrian community helps to market brands and products to prospective customers. Not so long ago, this was just via Sponsored Riders; however, there are now Brand Ambassadors and Influencers as well. 

What’s the difference between a Sponsored Rider, an Influencer and a Brand Ambassador?

A Sponsored Rider receives products and sometimes money to help fund their sport. These individuals are usually riders who are out-competing so that the brand as a sponsor gets exposure to other equestrians, for example, this will be via company branding on saddle pads, jackets, horseboxes/trailers etc. They will also share content of recent events they have attended so that the sponsor can feature that content on their social media channels.

An Influencer is someone who can “influence” their network of friends, family and fellow equestrians to purchase certain products. This is usually because their opinion is valued and respected, these individuals might be riders, trainers, bloggers or vloggers who create content for their followers such as tried and tested product reviews, unboxing videos, tack haul reviews, daily vlogs, training videos etc..  

A Brand Ambassador (BA’s) is an advocate for the brand they represent. Brand Ambassadors are not “sponsored” as such; however, they do get a “package” of benefits for working with and representing the brand. A Brand Ambassador is a great way of working with a company, over time as the relationship develops, their benefits package may be increased and ultimately promoted to a Sponsored Rider role. 

The following links provide further details of the opportunities currently avaivable with Horse Cleaning Masters Of Shampoos ™ and covers the process for applying to a particular opportunity and the acceptance criteria for that role.



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